The Photo Gallery | The Weekend

I was delighted to hear my friends and family in the UK enjoyed a much deserved May Bank Holiday weekend of sunshine. Here in Wellington we enjoyed amazing Autumn sunshine too and when I read that Tara, at Sticky Fingers blog, had set the theme of ‘The Weekend’ for this week’s ‘Photo Gallery‘ I knew I’d have plenty of great snaps to choose from.

The perfect weekend for my family and I is one that gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy something they love – be it football for hubbie, a jog for me, a visit to the Zoo for our youngest, a play-date for one of our older girls, a little ‘couple time’ for hubbie and I…. this list could get very long! Of course there’s the chores to do as well – and a perfect weekend is one where the chores just get done, without grumbles, and no one person feels unfairly overloaded. A weekend that finishes on a high, with a feeling of being rested, on top of our game, organised for the week ahead.

So, what one photograph could I choose to sum all this up?

Maybe, this one, waking on a Saturday morning, with no where to hurry off to, and gazing out the window at a beautiful blue sky with my youngest daughter?

Saturday morning blue sky and bare feet

Or something from my run, filling up my mind with nothing but beautiful scenery and my body with lungfuls of sea air, returning to meet the man of the house playing with our youngest daughter at the local playground.

Sunday avo run

Or these snaps from the beach, where I’d spent a wonderful hour on Saturday burying these two in sand!

Sand mermaids

There were many other highlights of this last weekend, Birthday parties, a grabbed opportunity for a ‘siesta’ with the man of the house, a visit to the local Zoo and a soak in the spa pool under the stars.

So tough to choose one moment in a picture to sum up the word ‘Weekend’!

But when it comes, I hope it’s a good one for you!


Sarah xx