Country Kids go to Brick Bay Vineyard Sculpture Trail!

Less than an hour’s drive north of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, is a stunning sculpture trail at the Brick Bay Vineyard. Nature and art combine to make a beautiful and fascinating walk.

Sculpture Trail Brick Bay Vineyard

The sculptures entranced even the youngest of our tribe, Miss 3 – Alice, so that she happily walked most of the two kilometre trail.

Brick Bay Vineyard Sculpture Trail

The older children ran along, leading the way, excited to discover the next sculpture.

Sculpture Trail Brick Bay Vineyard

Whilst Dan and I strolled quietly behind, at Miss 3’s stop / start pace, pretending to be sculptures and watching the fan-tails flitting in and out of the beautiful native bush.

Sculpture Trail Brick Bay Vineyard

Of course there was the mandatory pose for a photo too!

Sculpture Trail Brick Bay Vineyard

It was a wonderful walk – just a shame we couldn’t linger for a wine and lunch after… but it wouldn’t have been that sedate with our mob 😉 and Miss 3 was ready for a nap anyway. However, the menu looked rather scrumptious and child friendly… maybe next time – or we’ll pack a picnic at least!

What’s more, we had the most wonderful company of dear friends who’d moved up to ‘the winterless north’ a few years ago – after residing in Wellington for a couple of years.


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