Grateful for an evening of greatness & a moment by the bay…

It’s been a blustery few days and I’ve been caught up in life, children and de-cluttering in preparation for our big move, but today I knew a run was definitely needed; especially after a little over-indulgence of champagne the night before – in the grand company of my neighbour… we sneaked out to watch ‘The Great Gatsby’ at ‘The Roxy’, in Miramar, Wellington – a very rare sans children, adult time out of the house! The film made me laugh, cry and kept me in raptures – so much so that I spent half the movie ignoring the need to pee (I didn’t want to miss a moment!).

So grateful to hubbie for taking on the children (and my neighbour’s children) so that us ladies could enjoy an evening out! He bravely hid his football injury (a painful chest after a tackle went down badly) until we returned from the cinema (only then letting out a few groans – deserving of the utmost sympathy).

I was also extremely grateful for the loan of his car to drive to the cinema… only the second time I’ve been behind the wheel of his Subaru BRZ. I nearly changed my mind about going to the cinema altogether – such was the buzz of driving a car with such acceleration and sexy moves! Thankfully, I drove the car without any calamity and returned it in one piece (with a a couple of sneaky ‘fish tails’… my neighbour filled me in on the terminology for my surprising moves…!).

Today, I managed my run (feeling a little worse for wear!) but was, as always, completely appreciative of ‘time’ to be by myself. So beautiful on the south coast.

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