Prose for Thought – The greenstone that seeded my love for New Zealand

Before I ever laid a foot in New Zealand I received a gift from a friend who was there. He sent me greenstone, beautiful carved in the eternity symbol. I was drawn to the country in a way that was perhaps destined.

When I finally arrived, flying in to Auckland, I felt a connection. The following flight, from Auckland to Wellington, cemented that connection. I felt bound to the land, to the endless green in a sea of blue. Connected to the volcanoes rising in magnificence below me, coated in snow.

Before I was even reunited with my friend (and now husband) I knew that my heart was gone. New Zealand had captured it. The greenstone had transferred the power of the land to my body. I would always love it – no matter where destiny took me.

As we prepare to leave New Zealand, on 7 August, for a new adventure living in Santa Barbara, California, I feel a comfort that this piece of New Zealand, which I wear around my neck, will travel with me. This poem is about love and the greenstone that keeps my heart connected to New Zealand.

Greenstone Skin Poem


Prose for Thought