Wardrobe Wednesday – just because I have a new blue dress!

I haven’t joined in with this linky in a while, but today the sun is smiling and there’s a hint of spring in the air here in Wellington, New Zealand. The rumbles and shakes from the earthquakes over the weekend seem to be subsiding (touch wood!) and it’s a day for smiling (despite the thought that two weeks today we fly out of NZ for a year, or so, to live in the USA… boxes to pack, suitcases to sort out, hundreds of phone calls and logistics to attend to!).

Anyway, back to ‘fashion’ and this week the theme was ‘Uniform’. Well, I’ve been a stay at home Mamma for ten years so don’t have much of a ‘uniform’ (though there was a period when jeans were my staple). Today, I’m being a smart, spring Mamma (yes, I know it’s a long way away…), enjoying a beautiful new dress that my darling hubbie bought me on return from our little weekend to Auckland. I can never resist the pull of the Icebreaker shop at Wellington Airport. This dress called out to me, as blue is a favourite colour of mine and always reminds me of my dear Grandmother. When I found out that the dress had 30% off I was sold!

Blue dress from Icebreaker

I’ve teamed it with some leggings from ‘Mambo’ at ‘The Warehouse’ and some lovely blue ballet flats from ‘Farmers’. My necklace is actually a bracelet, that I’ve tied a knot in, from ‘Evolve NZ’ – www.evolvenz.co.nz – (New Zealand’s own equivalent of ‘Pandora’ jewellery). I have only one Evolve charm on the necklace here – a little coffee cup with a silver fern on it, the other charms are from ‘Pandora’. I’m always mixing them about on my necklace and bracelet.

So a little ‘love for Aotearoa’ in my post today (and long may the sky be as blue as my dress and the earth as calm as my hair on a non-windy Wellington day!).

I shall enjoy wearing this in the heat of Santa Barbara, California, in a few weeks time (minus the leggings!).