The Photo Gallery: World Photography Day

How do you choose one photograph to summarise a year? World Photo Day is celebrated every year on the 19th August, (but to understand more head over to the website and escape into a thousand images from around the globe).

Between August 19-26 the website opens for submissions and, for me personally, it’s a wonderful moment in the year to capture the magic that photography allows us to do. I chose this photograph, taken this week, of our middle daughter, so full of energy and zest for life.

Portrait for World Photography Day

The photograph is a snapshot of her, totally in the moment, on the beach in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

We have been back in California, on the western coast of the USA, in sunny Santa Barbara, for a couple of weeks, after a wonderful month in Europe visiting our family.

In October we head back to New Zealand to live, after having a full year of living in California. It’s a time of transition for our family. My husband and I, both having grown up in the UK – but having spent most of our adult lives in New Zealand, are well experienced in long haul travel and expat living; but seeing our children blossom over this past year of tasting a life somewhat different has been incredible.

Our youngest has turned four and learned to swim. Our oldest daughter turned eleven and has thrived in having time with her younger sisters (though missed her school and friends in New Zealand very much). Our eight year old has been the jam in the middle. She is incredibly active and has incredible zest for life. Her energy captivates and enthrals, as well as exhausts! She is the best personal trainer a parent could have and she motivates my hubby and I to keep fit, so that we can keep up – not just with her, but with our other two daughters as well.

Miss 8 & Miss 4

She motivates us all to swim in the pool, take a plunge when we’d rather not, head out for a bike ride or a run on the beach.

Miss 11 & Miss 8

She practically begs us to take her to the ‘batting cage’ or the ‘climbing wall’, or just stretch out on a yoga mat!

Hubby & Miss 8 on the beach at sunset

And work to keep up we certainly do try!

Hubby with his stand up paddle board…

Hubby at Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara

and me with my running (managed to sign Miss 8 up for her first 5km official run; she did great):

Miss 8 after her first official 5km run

This past fortnight, back in California, in between packing copious boxes for our return to New Zealand, has been all about balancing out the energy. We are a family of five. We’ve spent a year in each other’s pockets, out of the school system, living life closely and supporting the man of the house in his work. We’ve travelled, explored and learned so much together. We feel stronger and closer than ever before. Now we are ready to return to our home and continue life’s journey, grateful for each other, our love, our freedom of choice and a future in one of the world’s most peaceful countries – New Zealand.


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