Frying in Anaheim, California. A Scorchio Weekend!

We are family x

We were practically frying in southern California last weekend, as the temperature rose over 100 °F (close to 40 ºC).

Our main reason for being down in Anaheim was for our 8 year old daughter to see a live game of baseball with her Daddy (she’s really enjoyed going to the ‘batting cages’ and slogging a few balls – so much so that she ended up getting her own glove and bat). So on Saturday evening she headed off to watch her favourite team – the LA Angels – play ‘at home’.

LA Angels, Anaheim

She came back with a big smile, having found a genuine baseball under a seat and proudly sporting an LA Angels cap on her head.

Sophie at the game

She admitted it was a long game and she got bored at times – but she knew her Daddy wanted to see the whole game, so she stayed for him. All up they loved the experience and it’s great that she is such a young sport lover and shares such a passion with her Daddy.

Angels Stadium

The atmosphere sounded amazing, with so much entertainment aside from the game itself, finishing with fireworks – that are fabulously captured by this fan here:

Whilst they enjoyed the game I spent the evening with my wonderful 11 year old and 4 year old daughter. After a lovely meal together we played in a fabulous water playground, at the Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel.

Evening fun at the Howard Johnson Hotel Anaheim water playground

Our hotel was close enough to Disneyland that we enjoyed a spectacular view of the ever brilliant fireworks display too!

Disneyland fireworks

The next day we made use of our annual Disneyland passes and popped into Disney California Adventure Park.

With the scorching temperatures we were glad of not feeling the pressure to fit in too much and planned to just enjoy a few hours, before taking our time driving back to Santa Barbara.

The park was exceptionally quiet and the older girls went on their favourite ride, California Screamin’, around six times!

California Screamin'

We all enjoyed the beautiful ‘Symphony Swings’ and rode on them a few times, as a family (so great that our 4 year old is now just over the 40″ minimum height requirement!).

I enjoyed the ‘Toy Story’ ride with my 4 year old too, surviving the half hour wait in the scorching temperatures by purchasing a much needed fan and water spray bottle! Best investment of the day!

We spent the rest of our time in the park taking it in turns to soak one another – the water was practically evaporating off our bodies as soon as it touched us!

Water spray

The ‘Grizzly River Run‘ was an absolute ‘must do’ in the heat (unfortunately our youngest isn’t at the 42″ minimum height requirement for that). Hubby took the older two and got absolutely soaked through (few complaints though!). Thankfully they had some ‘Fast passes‘ to make good use of – so no long wait for that ride.

We strolled through Cars Land and the older two went on the fabulous ‘Radiator Springs Racers‘ as ‘single riders‘ (which is available on some of the most popular rides) to avoid the long line of people waiting to go in groups. Meanwhile, hubby, our youngest daughter, and I chilled in the air-conditioned comfort of Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land.

Cars Land

Luigi’s Flying Tires ride and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree ride were both ‘walk on’, so we had a blast on the those rides, before the heat finally got too much for us and we started our journey back to Santa Barbara.

Paradise Pier

A wonderful end to a really magic weekend. Only two more weekends left before we fly home to New Zealand, after an amazing year living in California!