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I’ve not blogged for more than a fortnight and one of the delightful reasons is having a couple of new pets in the home! The less than delightful reason; all our container load of belongings finally arrived from our year and a bit living in the USA. So, in between unpacking well over one hundred boxes, reorganising the entire house (and building a load of flatpack furniture; in preparation to store all the children’s ‘stuff’!), and occupying two home-educated children (thank goodness we have one at school!), we’ve also been ensuring our new bunny and puppy are kept happy.

Taking our new puppy for walks has been the most wonderful of excuses to escape the boxes and we’ve had some beautiful ones.

Houghton Valley walk, WellingtonOur rabbit has also been for his own little walks, on a harness and lead around the garden.

Alice taking rabbit - Fudge - for a walkWe are fortunate to have some lovely dog exercise areas scattered throughout the town belt reserve land of Wellington. It’s lovely to let our puppy run free (and so much easier to encourage our children to come along for a walk with a puppy added to the mix!).

Cocoa at the Ataturk Memorial Park

Cocoa the puppy has also been for a spin, close to the city – at Frank Kitts Park, in an electric car with our oldest daughter!

Cocoa goes for a spin!

We are loving having our puppy and bunny rabbit. It’s amazing how much having a puppy, in particular, has been such a positive thing for the whole family. Everyone is going to bed earlier and getting up around the same time. Cocoa soon sees to anyone that attempts a lie in, with a puppy lick wake-up!


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