The Photo Gallery – Spectacular Halloween at Disneyland!

Halloween time

spectacular (spekˈtak ula)
Beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way.

Before we left California, we spent a final few days at Disneyland. It was the end of September, but the whole place was bedecked in ‘fall’ colours and pumpkins. In true Disneyland style, it was spectacular.


Dazzling shows of colour, light, water, fireworks and decorations from morning to sunset.

World of Colour

But, above and beyond all this, the best part was the spectacular company – our friends (on the front left of the photo) and their two gorgeous sons –

Spectacular friends

They were able to share a couple of days with us before we flew back to New Zealand. Our four year old daughter and her best buddy (sat next to her, waving, at the right of the photo) shared lots of fun and adventures in their time together in California – as did we all!

Disneyland Hotel California

It was a spectacular finale to an amazing fifteen months living in a new country.

We shall definitely be back to visit California and get a fix of that forever blue sky again!


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