The Photo Gallery | Colour

It’s been a wonderful past week of celebrations. February is such a busy month for Birthdays (not just in our family, but so many friends too!)… May must be the month for ‘lurve’ is all I can say!

Here’s a gem of a photo from our youngest daughter’s 5th Birthday party (still coming to terms with the fact my baby is FIVE!). There was definitely a whole lot of colour on her Birthday cake (and after the candle was blown out that colour was swiftly transposed onto her face and dress!!).

Alice is 5!

It was a wonderful celebration and I am so, so thankful that a good friend’s son took so many magic photographs to capture it all (photographs which I very nearly lost… but thanks to some helpful advice and the use of some software to rescue the lost pics off the camera’s memory card, they were saved! PHEW!).

Linking up with the wonderful ‘Photo Gallery’ on the theme of ‘Colour’ this week.