Three daughters, all at school! A VERY new chapter!

After twelve years of being a very full-time stay at home Mummy (including three and a half years homeschooling my middle daughter, whilst caring for my third born from home all her first five years, and fifteen months living in the USA, where all three daughters were homeschooled) I am now the very proud (and extremely thankful) Mummy of three school girls!

Three daughters all at school!

They are all at an amazing private girls school in Wellington, all thanks to my wonderful hubby doing so well in his business (so we can afford the fees), and it’s the best feeling to see them all off to school knowing they are ‘in it together’ and happy. They are so fortunate to be able to go to the same school together and share so many wonderful experiences.

This Friday marks the end of the first week that they have all been at school every day, for full days (as we’ve been slowly introducing our youngest to school with half days; since her fifth Birthday in mid-February). Alice, as a new entrant to the junior school, was gifted a gorgeous beanie toy of the school mascot. She cherishes it greatly, taking it from home to school – and back again, with great care.

Alice and her school mascot puppy, along with one of her sisters!

Having all three of my daughters at school together is a hugely momentous time for our family. I am feeling quite stunned (whilst also elated) and am grateful for my lovely dog, Monsieur Cocoa, to keep me in good company (as the silence in the house will take some getting used to – though the Easter holidays, just around the corner, will soon have me wishing for quiet again!).

Monsieur Cocoa at Lyall Bay beach

Talking of Easter, I loved Alice exiting the school gates waving a palm frond in tribute to ‘Palm Sunday‘ this week. She’s also excited about singing in Wellington Cathedral, in a school Easter service next week.

Come term two I will be a very ‘new woman’ and I am looking forward to filling my free hours, whilst the girls are at school, with a hundred and one projects I’ve stored in the back of my mind over the past twelve years. But, right now, I am taking a moment to reflect and cherish the wonderful years I’ve been so fortunate to have shared at home with my daughters; whilst also starting on those 101 jobs!

This week I organised a handy man to move a fitted wardrobe from one of my daughter’s bedrooms into the laundry (aka ‘art room’). My daughter is having a room makeover at the moment, and the fitted wardrobe has been made redundant as a result. It looks AMAZING in the new space and I am so looking forward to seeing the creations that come out of this room over the Easter holidays!

My laundry room (aka art room!).

I’ve also spent this week doing a lot of dog walking – passing playgrounds and beaches that I have frequented with my daughters, in all seasons, through the years.

Dog walking in Welly on the town belt landThe memories have been running through my mind, in a kaleidoscope of images, bringing heart swelling feelings to my body. It is a new time in my own personal journey as a mother, and also as a wife to my wonderful husband.

Lunch at Elements

We met for a celebratory lunch this week, at the same cafe we’d visited when our first born was just a few weeks old, ‘Elements Cafe‘ in Lyall Bay.

Gorgeous lunch at Elements Cafe, Lyall Bay

At that time, over eleven year’s ago, we’d just visited a lactation consultant to help with the feeding problems I was experiencing, and had been told to take ourselves off for lunch, whilst our dear Charlotte was looked after for an hour in very caring hands.

I remember us sitting there, as ‘brand new’ parents, feeling extremely sleep deprived, physically in pain from my nipples down to my cesarean scar (after a hoped for home-birth went to the opposite extreme!) and very emotional. Fast forward, nearly twelve years, and we were sat there again, with so much to reflect upon and be thankful for.

Three beautiful, healthy daughters, growing up in a beautiful country, New Zealand, that we’d never imagined living in, when we met as students at Southampton University, in England, when we were in our late teens.

It’s been quite a journey and there’s so many more adventures ahead, on this next, very special chapter of our lives.

A new chapter


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