Running Wellington’s tracks & trails with Monsieur Cocoa

Running and walking the gorgeous trails of the Wellington town belt (with a touch of housework, school drop-offs, pick-ups, and other organising in between) has quickly become my term time ‘go to’ whilst all the girls are at school.

Looking down on Wellington city from Mt Kau Kau

Looking down on Wellington city from Mt Kau Kau

The autumnal weather has been beautiful and mild. Having a gorgeous puppy to share my time with is the best excuse ever to be outdoors and active.

Monsieur Cocoa

I adore running trails with him. He’s so good at running alongside me, slowing down when I’m gasping for air on a steep uphill section, and speeding up once I’ve caught my breath.

Mt Kau KauHe often glances up at me, with his gorgeous puppy eyes and tongue hanging out as he runs, and I find myself smiling back, as if we are sharing a mutual thought.

With walkways stretching from sea level to Wellington’s hilly peaks there’s something for every man, woman, child and dog!


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