A poem | A Bold Symphony of the Waves

The bold waves –
Rolling in like drums;
a crashing symphony.
The conductor awash,
on a horizon without form.
Each new set of waves a contrast,
of crescendos and diminuendos.

Waves rolling into Houghton Bay, Wellington, May 2015

Pounding ashore, breaking all defences,
taking everything boldly for a ride,
dumping it on the final crash.
Spectators watch on,
with anticipation and awe,
captivated at the show.

Debris from the waves at high tide

All the seats are free,
scattered along the coastline;
from driftwood logs to boulder sized rocks.
The air is scented with sea salt,
and the faint tendrils of smoke –
from the hearths of the houses,
positioned boldly on the coast.

Owhiro Bay and South Coast of Wellington

There is not of a breath of wind,
even the wind chimes are silenced.
Today, the sea has centre stage,
all other elements – a captive audience.
The waves boldly crashing ashore,
with the full force of mother nature.

© Sarah Lee, 27 May 2015

Waves on Wellington's south coast


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