A fun time, making colour changing drinks

The New World Little Kitchen is continuing to inspire and prompt experimentation in our kitchen at home. We had a lot of fun boiling up a red cabbage to make a dark red, nearly black, liquid.

We used the liquid, once drained, to make some colour changing drinks and ‘potions’ !

We experimented with milk, lemon juice and orange juice, amongst other things we found in the kitchen…


We also made some blue ice-cubes, by adding a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to some of the red-cabbage liquid, which turned the liquid blue. Then we poured the blue liquid into an ice-cube tray, and left it overnight in the freezer, to turn to ice.

The next day we made up some homemade lemonade, mixing the juice of 3 lemons with a litre of water and around 140g of sugar (or to taste).

The fun came in adding a blue ice-cube to the lemonade drink and seeing the colour change from lemon to pink!

IMG_7035Brilliant fun!

Check out the New World – YouTube channel for more ideas to experiment with in the kitchen.