Dear Feet… #AprilLove2016

Dear Feet,

I am grateful to you, for all the miles we’ve travelled.
I am happiest when treading the earth with you.
There have been times, trapped behind an office desk,
when I’ve felt your restless sadness.

You aren’t the kind of feet, that like to be still for long,
from the moment I could stand we danced together,
feeling the music of life in every step.

You danced me through my twenties,
and chased rainbows with my children through my thirties,
now you run me over hills,
along rivers and around Wellington’s bays.

Stay strong, dear feet,
for you are the way I like to travel the most,
and I have a lot more adventures in mind!

© Sarah Lee, 4 April 2016





Joining in with National Poetry Writing Month – 30 poems in 30 days


and April Love 2016 – A Month of Love Letters