Dear Hunger… #AprilLove2016

Dear Hunger,

I shall never forget the way you looked,
expressed on the lips of my first child.
The milk she sought was slow in coming,
after a prolonged and difficult birth.

After several weeks and long, painful nights,
of little sleep and endless nursing,
her hunger was finally satisfied –
but the weight of that responsibility,
being the one source of her sustenance,
left me bereft of sanity.

I felt half the person I was before,
in fact, I really was; because, for nine months,
my body had sustained her life,
and thanks to my own lips not being deprived,
it was easy to sustain her life and mine.

But millions of mothers are starving,
seeing the pain of their own hunger,
reflected back, in the eyes of their children.
A torturous hunger.

So, I ask, how can I write
a love letter to hunger?
When hunger hurts not only the stomach,
but the hearts and minds of millions.

I can only write with prayer of hope,
that hunger is met with responsive hearts.

Humans. Unnourished. Needing. Grains. Everyone. Responsible.

© Sarah Lee, 12 April 2016


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