Dear Love… #AprilLove2016 & Day 3 of #NaPoWriMo

Dear Love,

I need to ramble, hand in hand with you,
through the woodlands and over hills,
snatching tingling kisses on frosty days,
warming up in your embrace.

Time to plan, wish and dream, seemed endless then.
Those thoughts have now become our life –
marriage, children, a home to call our own.
We’ve travelled so far together.

And now, my love, in the rich, busy days,
of our precious family life,
we should find time to wander, hand in hand,
catching kisses, when we can.

© Sarah Lee, 4 April 2016

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Joining in with National Poetry Writing Month – 30 poems in 30 days


and April Love 2016 – A Month of Love Letters