Seeking Renewal in Autumn – a poem as the clocks turn back

The days are shorter, closing in,
I DEFY them to dampen my mood,
(shouting loudly to the sun, setting earlier each night).


After all, the weather is still fine,
outdoor pursuits remain inviting,
I just need to better manage my time,
(or start wearing a head torch).

I fill my house with candles,
repeating an inward mantra of,
‘This is nice! A silver lining,’
(and try to believe with my entire being).

I sign up for events that force me out;
training for my first marathon,
forty two kilometres,
(in the month I turn forty two).

Marathon training run

Marathon training run

I notice the green return to the earth,
where a long dry summer has left it scorched.
I run past the vineyards, ripe with grapes,
(and think how good they will taste on my lips).

‘There is renewal in the darkness’,
I tell myself, every year –
I just have to look harder to see it
(well of course carrots & glasses would help!).

Mt Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

Mt Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

I shall travel through these dark seasons,
with a stronger sense of acceptance,
and come out in spring all the brighter,
(like the bulbs tucked up deep in the earth).

I embrace this time, as the clocks turn back,
with strong resolve not to be beaten.
I shall come through this renewed and ready
(oh so, very, very, ready – for spring).

© Sarah Lee, 2 April 2016


This is my second poem for National Poetry Month (or Global Poetry Month) and I’m also linking up with –

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