School holiday crescendo #NaPoWriMo #Prose4T

It’s school holidays here and so my usual hobbies are naturally taking a back seat. Not much time for writing and running, but the day 17 prompt on the 2016 National Poetry Writers Month website caught my interest yesterday.

The prompt was; ‘Find, either on your shelves or online, a specialized dictionary. Now write a poem that incorporates at least ten words from your specialized source.’

Here’s my poem, using a musical theory dictionary –

School holiday crescendo

Crescendo in the home, daughters trilling octaves
Peaceful interludes, a rare occurrence 
Vibrant melodies, juxtaposed with discord
Dizzying changes of pitch and key.

There’s barely a rest in between
As I fight to respond, to accidentals
Fluctuating, between majors and minors
Yearning, for diminuendo.

I find simple pianoforte in the washing –
Akin to repetitious practice, of scales in C.
The metronome is set, to a rhythm of their choice –
I am but their muse, a crotchet to their quavers.

© Sarah Lee, 21 April 2016



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