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I’ve been really enjoying having my youngest daughter around at home a lot more and we have been spending time reading books out loud and drawing, taking bush walks and playing around on the piano, doing head stands and dancing, essentially being in the moment, together, and it’s been wonderful.

I think all this ‘play’ has been the root that seeded the following poem. I’m away on holiday next week, with my wonderful hubby and three daughters, for a fortnight. I’m thinking I ought to take a lesson from this week’s poem (obviously my inner voice is crying to be heard!).

Alice having a spinning time in the winter sunshine.

Alice having a spinning time in the winter sunshine.

How long had it been since she’d last been free?
She thought back, sifting through her memories,
to the last time she’d had a day without.
There was only a vague recollection.

She searched her soul deeply for how it felt –
to go without access to the web,
realising how she’d become trapped.
She’d hidden the truth from herself for years.

Though connectedness was a wonder,
it was also a curse, if not controlled.
So she vowed to take time without her crux,
to leave behind the devices and tech.

Her next holiday would be different.
She was packing her journal and pencil,
her trusty digital DLSR,
leaving her iPhone & laptop at home.

She’d take photographs without temptation –
to upload to Instagram and Facebook.
She’d read page turning books, not words on a screen,
Play scrabble with board and hand-held letters.

© Sarah Lee, 7 July, 2016


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