Autumnal delights before winter took hold – living, learning, loving and wondering.


It was such a mild Autumn that I wasn’t prepared for winter and its dark nights. I always struggle when there’s less hours of light in the day to play with. If I don’t get out for a day or two I feel like curling up in bed and not emerging till spring. It’s a […]

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Loving – Finding contentment in the moment, whilst aching for New Zealand

Loving the time my daughters are sharing together. I haven’t seen my oldest two so close for years and our youngest is loving the constant interaction of having her older sisters around. Loving the natural flow of our days, where ‘fitness’ is a swim in the pool, a bike ride to the village or a […]

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Things I’m Loving

Merry-go-rounds and sisters Sunshine and convertibles Pretzels and chilled drinks Shopping areas with architectural flair Sea creatures and an inquisitive child Water fountains and wishes New cafes, tastes and children who are willing to try (at least two out of our three are!) ____________________________________________ Joining in this week with the wonderful Meghan of ‘The Adventures […]

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