Catching Some Magic at the Martinborough Round the Vines 2018


A 10km walk through vineyards, raising funds for a local school (Martinborough School), with a lovely group of ladies and drink stations serving wine along the way… yes please! On 17 March I headed over the hill from Wellington, with a couple of friends, and spent the night prior to the ‘Martinborough Round the Vines‘ […]

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Magic Moments from Easter Weekend, in Wellington & Martinborough


School finished on the Thursday before Easter with a very touching Easter Service in the Wellington Cathedral, especially as our oldest daughter sang in the ‘Choral’ and our youngest with the ‘Princess Singers’ choir. I popped into my youngest daughter’s classroom afterwards and saw this beautiful nature arrangement. Good Friday morning was a relaxed start […]

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My Sunday Photo – Hot air balloons over Martinborough


Sunday morning in Martinborough, the wine growing hub of the Wairarapa, hot air balloons filled the blue sky, as part of the ‘Wairarapa Balloon Festival‘. We were lying in bed when we heard a loud, ‘WHOOSH’ of air, and sprang up from our beds – momentarily stunned – before our brains registered what the sound […]

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Country Kids find fun at BreWDay in Martinborough!


The Greater Wellington BreWDay, held in Martinborough, was a wonderful combination good food, music and a jovial crowd of all ages, enjoying some fine craft brews in a rural setting. Close to the heart of Martinborough – more known for its wines and olive groves – locals and visitors (mostly from the Hutt and Wellington) […]

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Rainbows, winter and cuddles on a Martinborough weekend


We nipped away to Martinborough this Saturday and Sunday. The winter weather wasn’t too harsh, milder than it has been, but there were still plenty of showers between the sunny moments. The lambs in the fields and rainbows in the sky definitely hinted a change in the seasons. Spring is coming… (just hurry up already!). […]

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Family cycling & geocaching in Martinborough


Since getting a weekender in Martinborough we’ve really enjoyed spending more time on bikes with our children. The rural roads are quiet. The terrain is flat. The climate is often milder than our home in Wellington. There’s also ample places to stop for refreshment – from the cafes in the village to the vineyards encompassing […]

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