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It’s been Father’s Day in New Zealand (and a few other countries around the world) this weekend. Seeing as the man of the house is father to three New Zealand born daughters we decided to celebrate his awesomeness this Sunday, here in America. I reckon, for most parents, the best mother’s or father’s day is [...]

Scorching Bay, Wellington

Over twenty years ago they met. The past fourteen years they have spent wed, living in New Zealand. The past ten years they have been busy – with building a couple of businesses, selling them, making three babies and embarking on the never ending road of parenting responsibilities. Time together has been hard to find, [...]

Mothers Day New Zealand 2013 on Scorching Bay beach, Wellington

It was Mothers Day here in New Zealand on Sunday. My daughters, without knowing it, gave me one of the best Mothers Day I’ve had. More than anything, a mother wishes for happy, content children and no major scuffles to break up! Miraculously, the whole day was one of peace, sunshine, blue sky and even [...]

Mothers Day 2013 in New Zealand

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I lie awake, before the rest of the house, savouring the quiet, reflecting on the past, thankful for the love, that brought me to this world, filling my heart, with all that is good. This journey I am on, thirty nine years in, is walked with feet given the best start in life, appreciating time, [...]

Birthday morning - Alice's 3rd Birthday

She woke full of sniffles, & tired with a cold, but giggles came soon – when we sang Birthday greetings, all five of us together, in the bedroom. We had no big party to stress over, just kept it simple, and it turned out to be the most wonderful Birthday (almost) ever! It was Alice’s [...]

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