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Four week’s on…

… Alice has settled in beautifully. The past few day’s have seen an improvement in her ability to self-wind, which has meant a lot less walking around with her upright and propped up on our chests. She’s been feeding well and giving us big, hearty, appreciative burps in return.

She’s getting stronger and more alert by the day, but still not awake for very long between naps, feeds and nappy changes. We have seen our first couple of smiles, which the girls are naturally loving. So far she’s a very mellow personality, drifting off to sleep staring at the trees or being enchanted by lights and shadows from the warmth of our arms. She will even sleep through ten school children cooing over her and touching her teeny ears, hands and twinkle toes. I very much doubt her ability to sleep through anything will last for much longer; but there’s no harm in wishful thinking.

I feel physically great (apart from a foggy head at times!) and the post-birth yucky bits have all gone (still haven’t got round to writing up the birth story – but it’s a goodie). It feels so great to walk, sit and lie down without having to consider a large belly out front. I’m so lucky to have lost all the baby weight and am back into my size 10 jeans (albeit with a little Mummy roll!).

It’s fab to have so much choice in my wardrobe again; though I hardly have the time to ponder on outfits and accessories at the moment. My choices mostly revolve around what tops will provide for discreet breastfeeding and coverage of my Mummy tummy. And clothes are lucky to stay clean all day… just this morning I was completely drenched within an hour of getting dressed (and I was really digging my outfit). On Monday, whilst in the post office, I was busy multi-tasking – feeding Alice and writing a Birthday card – when she ever so sweetly brought up her entire feed over the both of us (I’m hoping her instinct to share continues to when she’s got a box of chocolates in hand). I had to line up to get my postage stamps, whilst literally wet to the skin. No one blinked an eye or said a thing.

Dan is being a super Dad, as always. He takes the girls into school and kindy every morning, before cycling into work (on fine weather days). He figured it was the only way he was going to fit in any exercise. He has a great choice of routes into the city, including some very scenic ones. There’s the option to take a flatter route, or one of the more challenging routes with steeper gradients to really get the legs and heart pumping. He’s just discovered he’ll be playing in the ‘old mens’ football league this season, so he’ll be in need of some fitness training to be prepared!

Charli and Sophie are adjusting brilliantly and with only two week’s till the end of term they are looking forward to more ‘Alice time’ over the Easter hols.

DSCF6524 DSCF6465

I am, of course, always on the look out for an opportunity to nap, but they are very elusive. And the first thought on waking each morning (or not waking, as is often the case, since I never fell asleep) is coffeeeeeeeee! Dan has been keeping me happy and sane with either making me a special latte or bringing me one back from the school/kindi run. The new Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli in Lyall Bay produces a real Havana hit (check out this rave review from the inspirational Domestic Scene blog).


So at four week’s we’re doing okay and I’m still smiling – in an insanely, over-tired kind of a way.

Wellington is a newborn parent’s heaven – there is a coffee shop on every corner selling primo, high quality caffeine kicks!

This week I’m thankful to Parade Cafe at Oriental Parade (great time on Monday morning with a couple of coffee drinking friends), Cafe L’Affare in the city for a chilled coffee with hubbie on Wednesday morning, Diamond Deli in Lyall Bay for a Havana take-away hit on Tuesday morning and Mint Cafe in Island Bay for a ‘Mojo‘ hit this morning :)


Baby eyes ease my tiredness through the night


Baby Eyes, by Bernard Shaw

Large Baby eyes smiling joyfully at me,
Baby eyes as brown as can be.
Two deep pools most innocent and bright,
To me are symbols of sheer delight.
May I greet you every single day?
For you are sunshine on my way.
Other people see you smile so sweet,
All are happier when you they meet.
Eyes are the windows to the soul,
No difficulties for you reaching your goal.
So sweet baby go on life’s way,
Those Baby eyes have much to say.

It’s been a tiring week of night feeds and I’ve felt a little weepy at times, just out of sheer exhaustion. The other night, when I was crying tired tears, little Alice looked at me with her deep eyes and held my gaze with such calmness that I felt instantly better. Afterwards I found the poem above and all the tiredness is worth it when I look into my baby’s eyes. Alice must be on a growth spurt and at her ‘weigh in’ with my midwife on Friday it was heartening to find out my hard work was producing good results. Alice has put on around 300g a week and now weighs nearly 4.3kg, which Sophie didn’t weigh till 5 week’s and Charli till 7 week’s! I’m not surprised as she’s guzzling every couple of hours around the clock!

The best kind of time waster…

Alice 2 week's old

Alice, like all newborns, really is the best kind of time waster. Stuff the baby sleep books telling me to put my baby to bed in her cot – whilst I can hold her in my arms and watch her sleep, I will!

But how do I get anything done? Well, my Natures Sway sling gives me two hand’s free and I’m the master of multi-tasking with a baby in arms… as the photograph below, taken by my midwife, demonstrates (Sophie asked for my assistance in creating a musical shaker with an old toilet roll, paper and some coins she’d gathered together).

And I’m not the only person in the house that can’t resist keeping Alice close. Charli and Sophie are frequently asking to hold her and Dan even insisted on putting the hoover round with Alice in his arms today!

DSCF6349 DSCF6379

Alice really is such a chilled lass – but we aren’t even at 3 week’s old yet, so naturally she’s busy sleeping, eating and fattening up still. I had to take her for a newborn hearing screening on Friday morning (results were all good) and I’d been told that a ‘sleeping baby’ would be best for the test – well no problems on that front!

At night she’s beginning to settle earlier each night. Initially she wasn’t really ready to settle till around midnight and that’s slowly been getting earlier. For the past few night’s she’s slept for nearly four hour’s straight, from 10pm ish till 2am. Unfortunately, she then feeds every hour to two hour’s after that – and by the time I’ve winded her and changed a couple of nappies the morning has arrived. But I’m feeling surprisingly good on it – so long as I fuel up with a large latte each morning!

She’s been asleep on my lap for nearly an hour now (it’s not yet 10pm) so I really should ditch the computer and head to bed whilst I can – but it feels good to have a little ‘adult’ time with Dan (we’re watching ‘The Great British Curry Trail’, with Ravinder Bhogal, which Dan’s down-loaded).

Okay, blog post finito, curry trail finished (I’m going to be dreaming of curry – if I actually get any ‘dream time’) and it’s time to take my little time waster to bed :)

Life with a newborn third time round

A neighbour dropped round the other morning and brought with her every new Mum’s most desired gift – a large coffee. As I gratefully sipped the fuel of latte we chatted about life with a newborn third time round. She also has a baby – a few month’s older, as well as two other children around the same age as Charli & Sophie. We both agreed it was fabulous; despite the sleep deprivation. At this tender age of snuggles and milk spills the sleepless night’s are a little easier to bear thanks to baby slumbering most of the day peacefully away. There’s no food to make and clear up, it’s all ‘ on tap’ (so to speak), teething has yet to make our wee ones grizzle, they can’t move yet or talk back and they simply reward us with windy smiles and eyes full of adoration and love (after all, we are the givers of milk).

With our other children being a little older and out for part of the day at school and kindi, we get some precious one on one time with our newborns. It’s like those quiet times as a first time Mum, but without the anxiety. I feel so relaxed this time round. Long gone are the days of needing to read baby books at every opportunity. Restless night’s will soon pass and each phase of a child’s life comes with its joys and challenges – this I simply accept and embrace. The joys I treasure. The challenges I face head on. Sometimes I do well and give myself a huge hi-5; other times I fail miserably with an over-tired mind and short-fuse. I forgive myself and move on.

I’m loving that Dan is starting work a little later; so that after the school and kindi drop we can have a peaceful coffee together, whilst Alice sleeps. It reminds me of the early days when Charli was a baby and I used to meet Dan for lunch or frequently drop him into work and then take a walk along Oriental Parade with Charli in her pram.

Of course, it’s not rosy all the time. I have my moments when the tiredness gets to me and my patience levels aren’t as good as I’d like them to be. But on the whole we’re doing pretty darn well. I am thankful that my body has recovered from the birth so quickly and I feel so fit and healthy. I’m loving being able to exercise easily again and roll around on the floor with the girls. Yesterday I was doing various yoga exercises, with Sophie alongside me. She was mostly showing me up with her superior stomach muscles!

I am thankful to my family and blogger friends for the super supportive comments, e-mails and cards we’ve received over the past couple of weeks. They’ve really put a smile on our faces and touched our hearts.

I loved having my folks here for the last few week’s of the school hols made life so easy and we had the most incredible time. My Mum being here to share in Alice’s early days and ‘shadow’ my every move with her immense love, patience, understanding was fabulous.

And I’m loving my Natures Sway sling. Alice falls asleep within seconds of being placed in it and I can type blog posts and e-mails with two hands – now we’re talking!


Finally, I love having this blog to look back on and remind me of all the good times; when on the rare occasion it all gets too much. Last night I sat up in bed, at least four times, feeding Alice and watching the minutes tick over on the digital clock. I forced my eyes away from the ugly, red glare of time ticking on and focused on my precious bundle feeding in my arms. Her small, velvet soft head, her shell-like ears and her grasping, tiny hands. I shall look back on the quiet moments in the midst of the night and forget the feeling of sleep-deprivation. I shall remember only her little squeaks, grunts and murmurs; her soft head brushing against me whilst she feeds; her sleepy smiles of windy bubbles which I pretend are happy dreams.

Baby has arrived!


Alice Rose was born this morning at 5.35am! All very well, weighing 7 pounds 12 or 3.4kg, and it was a natural birth (finally!). So nice to be drug free and I caught her as she cork-screwed out (after a lot of pushing!). She is so peaceful and has just fed, slept and looked around. The girls are so happy and came into hospital dressed in their finest for the occasion. We’ve just got home (7pm) and are looking forward to some rest tonight in our own beds. Grandma kept me company in the hospital this afternoon, whilst Dan looked after the girls on zero sleep!

Read the full birth story here :)

Come on baby…

Woke up this morning after spending half the night up and down like a jack-in-a-box (if only I was THAT fast!) to visit the toilet. Mild contractions which have continued ALL DAY! Every 10 minutes they’ve washed over me, teasing me into thinking that baby would come today. Dan stayed home from work and did the school and kindi run (fueling the rumour mill that baby had arrived). Mum and I started the morning feeling excited and convinced the contractions would hot up in no time. I rested up and ate lots of Valentine’s chocs, whilst Mum went into nesting mode on my behalf – throwing the hoover around the house in every conceivable corner. The children were prepped to expect Grandma at pick-up time. But… as of 10pm, no baby yet!

To make matters worse I have a burning sore throat (the girls have mild colds) and feel tireder than usual. I had a little nap in the middle of the day, but felt weepy around 7pm in pure frustration – arrrrrr! After a calming chat with my midwife I felt a lot more composed and decided to head up to bed with the girls and read stories. Charli, bless her cotton socks, was reading for me every time a contraction took me away momentarily.

The girls are now peacefully asleep. Grandma is trying to sleep. Hubbie has headed up for some rest. I am going to try to sleep… but contractions are now coming every 5 minutes and a little more intense – so it looks like it could be a long night. I’ve put my togs on underneath my night shirt, wishfully visualizing a calm entrance to hospital, with time to spare to fill up the birth pool. If past experience has taught me anything it is not to plan, not to expect, but just surrender to whatever the ride throws at me and focus on the end goal of seeing baby at the end of it all.

Come on baby! Be kind to your mother, plllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaase! :) x

Oh, and this was me yesterday – feeling very serene and peaceful (I’m trying very hard to feel that way now… visualizing each contraction as a wave washing over me; a punga fern unfurling… la te da te da):

39 weeks

This will be my last post for a little while… It’s taken me longer than usual (even at 80 wpm – thanks Mavis Beacon). If only you could see me now – stopping every five minutes as a contraction pushes me up from the chair, forcing me to stand and rock my hips – fat chance of sleep me thinks! Think I’ll wake hubbie up soon and head to that hospital before I’m crawling there on my hands and knees – ah, will all be worth it.