Four week’s on…


… Alice has settled in beautifully. The past few day’s have seen an improvement in her ability to self-wind, which has meant a lot less walking around with her upright and propped up on our chests. She’s been feeding well and giving us big, hearty, appreciative burps in return. She’s getting stronger and more alert [...]


Baby Eyes, by Bernard Shaw Large Baby eyes smiling joyfully at me, Baby eyes as brown as can be. Two deep pools most innocent and bright, To me are symbols of sheer delight. May I greet you every single day? For you are sunshine on my way. Other people see you smile so sweet, All [...]

The best kind of time waster…

Alice 2 week's old

Alice, like all newborns, really is the best kind of time waster. Stuff the baby sleep books telling me to put my baby to bed in her cot – whilst I can hold her in my arms and watch her sleep, I will! But how do I get anything done? Well, my Natures Sway sling [...]


A neighbour dropped round the other morning and brought with her every new Mum’s most desired gift – a large coffee. As I gratefully sipped the fuel of latte we chatted about life with a newborn third time round. She also has a baby – a few month’s older, as well as two other children [...]

Baby has arrived!


Alice Rose was born this morning at 5.35am! All very well, weighing 7 pounds 12 or 3.4kg, and it was a natural birth (finally!). So nice to be drug free and I caught her as she cork-screwed out (after a lot of pushing!). She is so peaceful and has just fed, slept and looked around. [...]

Come on baby…

39 weeks

Woke up this morning after spending half the night up and down like a jack-in-a-box (if only I was THAT fast!) to visit the toilet. Mild contractions which have continued ALL DAY! Every 10 minutes they’ve washed over me, teasing me into thinking that baby would come today. Dan stayed home from work and did [...]

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