Princess Bay, Wellington south coast

Top of the list, of things to love, has to be having the man of the house home all week – and rolling into half of next week too! It makes such a huge difference having him home and we are having so much fun (and craziness) that comes with having three highly energetic daughters! [...]

Merry Christmas!

Not since 1934 had Wellington had one as hot and we spent Christmas dressed minimally, seeking shade and deciding a late avo dinner should be taken indoors, where it was a lot cooler! We enjoyed a relaxed morning of present opening (the children were good and resisted opening anything under the tree until 9am – [...]

2 Mayan Guys

Just in case the world does end tomorrow (personally I reckon the Mayan who was writing the calendar decided to knock off for a beer and never got round to writing more dates) I thought I ought to write a quick blog post and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from us folk in New [...]

Elephants, icing sugar & paper chains

This was the week that started with three daughters at home. A Monday that witnessed mass paper-chain making, faces in plates of icing sugar and a Christmas elephant made out of an old milk-bottle! A Tuesday and Wednesday spent mostly at home, with two daughters (whilst Charlotte enjoyed end of term fun and shared lunches). [...]

The real tree

I blame the shops for having decorations up from beginning of November. By the end of November my children are dragging the decorations from beneath the stairs in readiness for the 1st December. The first day of our Kiwi summer now coincides with ‘tree up’ day in our house. With the 1st December falling on [...]


December countdown to Christmas Day – and thinking up some active ideas and goodies to pop in this amazing advent calendar my nine year old made on Sunday (all her own idea – the little paper cubes even have paper springs folded underneath each one – for easy pulling out from the main box). I [...]

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