Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday - Family

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Sisters together

A long weekend gave us time to be together as a family – even if, at times, my mind wasn’t all ‘together’ with it! In my mind there are always people floating around – physically distant from me, but close in my thoughts, that I wish to be together with – for a moment in [...]

Finishing my run with a stretch on the beach at Princess Bay, Wellington

This past fortnight I’ve been running and kept on running. I don’t know where this sudden urge to run has come from, but it feels great (and I’m just hoping the clocks going back, on the first Sunday of April, along with autumnal weather to come, doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm!). In the past fifteen days [...]

Island Bay Marine Centre open!

In our little corner of the world – Wellington, New Zealand, the New Year started with a roar of strong winds on the 2nd of January, which quickly abated to give us the most glorious sunshine weekend to start the year with. I can’t remember the last time I saw Wellington’s beaches so busy. I [...]

Grandma & Grandad arrive in Wellington!

How many grandparents would step off a plane, after travelling from the UK to Wellington, New Zealand, non-stop (two looooong international flights and one domestic) and handle a full day with three energetic granddaughters – with NO nano nap?! My grandchildren have SUPER Grandparents (but – they just don’t know it… yet!). One day, in [...]

The real tree

I blame the shops for having decorations up from beginning of November. By the end of November my children are dragging the decorations from beneath the stairs in readiness for the 1st December. The first day of our Kiwi summer now coincides with ‘tree up’ day in our house. With the 1st December falling on [...]

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