A new chapter in Sophie’s life is about to begin.  Today she made an impromptu visit to Kindi, after a happy visit to her new school. She said farewell, gave her much loved teachers cards and home-made Florentines and a little gift for the Kindergarten. She says she will miss them all very much, particularly [...]

Sophie at the woodwork bench in Kindi

Last night my four, going on five, year old daughter, Sophie told me, in her own words, ‘I feel too much pain going to Kindi as I am so sad to be saying goodbye.  I don’t want to have the goodbye as it will just make me sadder.  I have never felt like this.  It [...]

Last week, on a rainy day, Sophie and I sat down to write a story about Rascal rabbit, from Sophie’s Kindi. He’s come to stay a few times and he certainly lives up to his name. We used ‘Snapfish‘ and Sophie is delighted with her own special book. We’re going to give a copy to [...]

Rascal thumps his stuff

Rascal rabbit

He came, he went, he came again. Rascal rabbit is living up to his name. After causing us one sleepless night back in January, when he went missing for 24 hour’s and was later found in a neighbour’s backyard, he has done it again! This time he went missing for not one, but two night’s [...]

One week till due date

Photo on 2010-02-11 at 22.43 #2

Where has this week gone? We’re back in the old routines of school and kindi and slowly adjusting. The girls have mostly been good for me in the morning; so I haven’t had too many drill sergeant major moments, but I do feel a little on edge with a rapid change in hormones. I’ve been [...]


I was having ‘going back to school’ dreams this week, apprehensive of how the girls would react after nearly seven week’s of freedom. But I needn’t have worried. They were super good for me getting out the door and bounded into school and kindi with great excitement. Charli ran on ahead and into her new [...]

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