GO! Red light, stop, sigh of relief, Heavy head leans back, eyes close, So tired, barely conscious, Endless nights of broken sleep. Beep! Beep! A voice in my head shouts, ‘Go!’ ‘Eyes open!’ My brain tries again. Beep! Beep! Angry sound in my ears. One eye opens, glimpses the green light. ‘Go!’ calls the voice. […]

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The Photo Gallery | One Word – Metamorphosis


‘One Word’ is this week’s theme over on ‘The Photo Gallery‘ at Sticky Fingers blog and I’m going with ‘Metamorphosis’, after a magical visit to the recently opened ‘Butterflies Alive!’ exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. I visited on with my youngest daughter, age four. She entered the magical world of the […]

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An active week in Santa Barbara – and yes, I am running a half marathon…

Between the game play (Minecraft), the crafting (Rainbow Looming) and all the preschool arts and crafts (baking ginger-bread men, sand play, painting, imaginary story telling and so on…) there’s been a lot of action in the house in California this week. My New Zealand born children have been energised with slightly cooler temperatures and rain […]

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