Scorching Bay, last of the sunshine with Grandma & Granddad

Loving a last blast of summer sunshine (and hoping today’s slightly cooler temperatures ease off for a little longer yet). We enjoyed a gorgeous last few days with Grandma & Granddad, at Scorching Bay on Tuesday morning and Zealandia on Monday, (before they flew home to a very cold welcome in England… thankfully their neighbours [...]

Charlotte in her Statute of Liberty Costume

Sunday was ‘World Photography Day‘ (but I didn’t know that then – I found out on Monday). I am no ace photographer, but I love photography and seeing the world through different people’s eyes. I only used to take holiday snaps but, with the digital age and having children on the opposite side of the [...]

Charlotte all ready for term 2

Smartly dressed in her school uniform, my eldest daughter appeared in the kitchen, ready to start the new school term.  She had an enthusiastic smile and look of eagerness. Dan and I looked at her with pride and soft hearts of love and admiration. She sat up to have breakfast next to her father, talking [...]

Alice and I enjoying the autumn sun at Lyall Bay

A snapshot of our week, with one daughter at private school (her choice, our expense!), one being unschooled (her choice, our suffering/joy!), one toddler undertaking experiments in life under her own steam at home! In my life this week… I’ve had a rotten cold and the overwhelming feeling of tiredness and body cramps that comes [...]

Alice taking a walk through the dunes down to the beach on Saturday morning

Some weeks go so fast that I barely have time to stop and take stock, but thanks to my camera in my back pocket the memories are a little easier to hold on to. ♥ It’s been a week of ups and downs, especially with a school girl not so happy – but happier after opening [...]

What to do? Ever since she returned to school after the long summer holiday she’s been different. Last year she couldn’t wait to get to new school each day (she started half-way through the year, for term 3 and 4). She would be the first up in the house. She’d make her breakfast and be [...]

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