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Silent Sunday

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At home with my folks, Hampshire, England


It’s been a fortnight since we returned from the UK to the US. We are heading back to New Zealand to live at the beginning of October, but for now we’re in limbo; between the two places we love. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Loved celebrating four years of our youngest daughter being in our lives!

Alice the Princess!

We are so very blessed to have Alice in our family. She has spent her first four years sharing her happy zest for life with us and bringing us all so much joy. There’s been no need to rush her … Continue reading

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Three sisters, one perfect Monday afternoon & a chocolate fish

At the Chocolate Fish, Shelly Bay, Wellington

Being woken at 5am by my two year old, Alice, after a late night travelling between France and England in the 1400’s, isn’t easy (though, thanks Philippa Gregory for the escapism). I lay on the sofa, trying to sleep, hoping … Continue reading

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Things I’m Loving: My sister is here!

At Zealandia, Wellington, on Day 3 of Auntie Claire

After nearly five years she’s here! I felt dazed when she appeared from behind the sliding door at arrivals on Tuesday afternoon. She was like a mirage. It’s taken me till now, Thursday, to truly believe she’s real and not … Continue reading

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Things I’m Loving: Snapshots from my back pocket

Alice taking a walk through the dunes down to the beach on Saturday morning

Some weeks go so fast that I barely have time to stop and take stock, but thanks to my camera in my back pocket the memories are a little easier to hold on to. ♥ It’s been a week of … Continue reading

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