At the Chocolate Fish, Shelly Bay, Wellington

Being woken at 5am by my two year old, Alice, after a late night travelling between France and England in the 1400’s, isn’t easy (though, thanks Philippa Gregory for the escapism). I lay on the sofa, trying to sleep, hoping the ‘Peppa Pig‘ DVD would suffice to keep Alice from demanding too much attention. By [...]

At Zealandia, Wellington, on Day 3 of Auntie Claire

After nearly five years she’s here! I felt dazed when she appeared from behind the sliding door at arrivals on Tuesday afternoon. She was like a mirage. It’s taken me till now, Thursday, to truly believe she’s real and not a figment of my imagination. The first day I kept touching her, but not really [...]

Alice taking a walk through the dunes down to the beach on Saturday morning

Some weeks go so fast that I barely have time to stop and take stock, but thanks to my camera in my back pocket the memories are a little easier to hold on to. ♥ It’s been a week of ups and downs, especially with a school girl not so happy – but happier after opening [...]

Lounge Lizards at the Zoo on Friday

I’ve had the delight of my three little lounge lizards all being home on Wednesday and Friday last week (as Charlotte – Dear Daughter 8 – is a bit tired with the start of the school year – lots of testing and goal setting). It’s been so great to have Charlotte home with us, as [...]

Shrove Tuesday pancakes

Sophie asked me for pancakes for breakfast, again. She’s been asking for days. I keep making promises. I keep breaking them. Oops! But today, I pulled out my wooden spoon and whipped up some batter and fulfilled an overdue promise. It wasn’t till mid-morning I discovered it was actually Shrove Tuesday today! I found a [...]

I always think it’s sad that our children don’t remember much of their first years of life. I like to think that all the rich and wonderful experiences we savour together help to imprint a map in the neurons to guide my children on positive paths in the future. Right now, as our daughter Sophie [...]

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