Wheels – catching some wind

Helmets – they save lives, they save a few painful knocks to the head… but you just don’t get that feeling of the wind in your hair! However, my girls are growing up in the age of the helmet – and as a parent – I’m glad of that. Though I do have very many fond memories of 15 mile bike rides as a young lass, riding through the country lanes of Hampshire, loving the feel of the wind rushing through my locks.

When Dan and I were at University in Southampton (way back in the early 1990s) we spent a fabulous week cycling and camping around the Isle of Wight. It was our first ‘holiday’ together and the first time Dan had really enjoyed a taste of camping! I grew up camping and knew that if our love was to last he’d have to get into the love of being really at one with the elements… and with our 10th Wedding Anniversary fast approaching, the love really has lasted – and going strong!

These days, it is our gals that are beginning to learn the thrill of the elements and over the school hols they had a blast on their wheels. Since term time started back the weather has kept us indoors a little more, but we’ve been frequent visitors to the local recreation centre, where all manner of wheels are a goer.

Here’s a little video of Sophie on her skateboard at Whitangi Park and the girls together on Oriental Parade…