Sophie’s Super Energy Charged Car Cookies

She loves to bake does our Sophie (as much as she likes to eat!). On Sunday she whipped up some ANZAC biscuits and today, after only 8 hour’s sleep (see below!), she made these car cookies…


So, little Miss Sophie, despite not being ‘A1’ was up chattering till 9pm last night and was awake before the birds at 5am this morning! She’s happy, bubbly and bouncing off the walls. The snuffly cold/virus seems to have disappeared before it even got started. A run on the beach this morning and a few flying jumps didn’t bring about a midday nap – far from it… baking, painting, there’s no stopping her!

DSCF7159 DSCF7160

On Tuesday the virus had a more subdued affect and led to Sophie falling asleep on a mattress in the lounge at 4.30pm. She had Frances, Charlotte and I in stitches as she was giggling in her sleep! Such a happy camper, even in her dreams!

This morning, after a few stories at home, I was in need of a good coffee so we headed to our local surf cafe in Lyall Bay where I could fuel up, whilst Alice slept.

IMG_0345 IMG_0346

Afterwards Sophie had an energy burning time on the beach and did her best to fly like a seagull…


It’s 6pm now and she’s been on the go for 13 hour’s on 8 hour’s sleep. I am exhausted and thankfully Frances is here to help out and is reading Sophie a story. Charlotte has been amazing and helped to make dinner – pizza. She got a surprise when she ate her pizza – her second tooth came out!

DSCF7161 DSCF7164

Tomorrow Sophie WILL be going to Kindi! I need a break! And I have the horrible job of taking Alice for her first round of immunisations (only 4 week’s late). Right, going to take little Miss Sophie up the sleepy ladder and hopefully off to slumbers very, very soon.