Wardrobe & Wordless (well a few!) Wednesday

My wardrobe this week has gone from one extreme to the other. From a cocktail dress in honour of the wonderful Cocktails at Naptime book (and I ended up having to change an exploding nappy whilst dressed in my finest!) to ‘Hat Friday‘ when the opportunity for a shower completely bypassed me and a nap fell higher on my list of priorities (thanks to little Miss 8 month old having a little vocal interlude in the middle of the night).

I am really enjoying this Wardrobe Wednesday fun. It is the one day of the week when I don’t reach blindly for my jeans and actually make an effort. Today I was delighted to see a warm day forecast and blue stuff in the sky. I reached for one of my favourite skirts, which my Mum got me for my Birthday years ago, whilst on holiday in Cornwall. It’s from ‘The Earth Collection‘ (I so wish they had a shop in Wellington!). Their philosophy is to produce a wide range of fashionable clothes with minimal use of chemicals in the production phase, using accessories and packaging made of recycled and natural materials. LOVE! Currently there are 500 outlets worldwide in over 30 countries. More information can be found at www.theearthcollection.com

My top is from Dorothy Perkins (in the UK) and was a treat from my Mum. Jandals from the Warehouse and black top underneath is my trusty breast feeding (holes where needed) top from Baby Star. I can’t remember where I bought the hat – but of course it’s that time of year and we have to set a good example to our young ones and all that slip, slop & wrap stuff. In Wellington hats have to be well fitting, or have a draw string. I’ve had a few blow wildly across the road!

Wardrobe Wednesday

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I had to combine this post to include these photographs of Sophie for ‘Wordless Wednesday’ (though I find it impossible to be wordless). This is her one morning, sat in her favourite spot in the lounge (she’s wearing a hole in the carpet) watching children’s T.V. (in case you hadn’t guessed from the vague expression on her face). The only way we can get a sensible response from her when she’s ‘in the zone’ is to pause the TV (I still find it incredible we can do that with Sky TV – this new technology is continually amazing me and making me feel older by the day).

Sophie watching kids TV

See, we are a normal family (not always decorating cakes after breakfast!). My children do watch T.V. some mornings before school and kindi (but usually when they’ve woken too early). This morning Charlotte was first up, first dressed and surprised all of us by making the lunch boxes for herself and Sophie!

It’s a gorgeous day and I’m having a little shade time to write this post whilst Alice naps and my big girls are out at a drama class. Best get back to the house-work now… Have a great week x