Our very own Little Blue Penguin

Charlotte - the Little Blue Penguin

Charlotte’s LOVED learning American Jazz this year.  Tomorrow she will dance in her very first theatre production with her dance school (L.O.D.), as a ‘Little Blue Penguin’.  She spent five hours in rehearsals today and is so excited.  She’s made some great friends through dancing and has such a love for music. She passed her Grade 1 exam with Honours and performed in her school ‘Performance Assembly’ doing a dance she’d learned from her dance lessons. We’re so happy for her to have found a hobby she loves and is passionate about.

Dan went along for support and enjoyed taking some photographs.  I can’t WAIT to see the show tomorrow!


Charlotte did so well at the show and we’re so proud of her. She had to be there at 1pm for a run through before the 3.00pm matinee performance, which finished at 5.00pm.

She was then supposed to be back stage at 5.30pm in preparation for the 6.30pm show. Unfortunately she was totally exhausted. Dan saw the matinee and then brought her home as she was so floppy. Poor love had sat backstage being so good – but wasn’t allowed to eat in her costume and didn’t change out of it – so ate very, very little 🙁

I was to drive in for the evening show, leaving Dan, Sophie and Alice at home. Thankfully there’s a DVD of the show, so I won’t miss out entirely and I’ve seen Charlotte practice lots. Dan loved it and said she was fabulous – ahhhh, proud Daddy 🙂

I so love the photographs he took of her at the dress rehearsal too 🙂 x