16 months, cute & cheeky

Alice is now 16 months and likes to help anyway she can (!).

Alice at 16 months

  • On Friday she passed us the empty bottles from the recycling saying, ‘Juice! Cheers!’. She would drink Daddy’s beer if she had half a chance! She certainly knows what Daddy’s favourite juice is.

Recycling the juice bottles!

  • On Saturday she shared her ice-lolly with her Daddy after a swim…

Post swim ice-lolly

  • On Sunday she tried to feed the fish…

Alice climbing up to feed the fish!

  • On Monday she decorated our Winter Solstice tree… (and tried to eat a glitter ball).

Winter Solstice tree

  • On Tuesday she ‘helped’ her big sister, Sophie, across a swing bridge…¬†Such a star! And she had a go at being a real little ‘Matariki’ star too!

Alice & Sophie at Te Papa

  • She likes to help with the washing up…

Washing up

  • And feed herself breakfast.
  • She has one nap a day (occasionally two) and likes to fall asleep in our friend Frances arms at night sometimes too…

Asleep in Frances arms

  • She also likes to wake Frances up in the morning, by creeping into her room and throwing various things at her. She usually creeps in, stealth like, saying, ‘Shhhh, shhh…’ and then throws a teddy bear, book or even a toothbrush or a cracker at poor Frances! Nice!
  • She still loves her Mama’s milk and there’s no end in sight.
  • She talks her own little babble with some words that surprise us too (like Daddy’s ‘EPIC’ beer). She knows ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and has a cute way of asking for things by saying, ‘Please’ – which sounds more like, ‘Peas’.
  • She can follow directions and likes to be given little jobs to do, like putting shoes by the front door and putting tea-towels in drawers – she also likes to empty the neatly folded laundry before it gets a chance to make it to the cupboards – and sometimes puts it back on the line or in the dryer.
  • She likes to paint too – and we’ve had a few close calls! Pens make fun squiggles but paper isn’t as much fun as doodling on skin!
  • She loves to dance and often joins her sisters. And she has her favourite nursery rhymes too, which have been known to drive the rest of the house-hold temporarily insane! She has discovered ‘YouTube’ and is a HUGE fan. Whenever she sees a lap-top, iPhone or TV she points to it and says, with a questioning, expectant, tone, ‘Row, Row?!’.
  • She has 8 teeth fully cut and 4 eye teeth just cut through to add to the mix. Only her secondary molars to go!
  • And she’s extremely sensitive to bad smells, including trumps, petrol fumes and log burner smoke. She gags and actually throws up!

Alice is a cute, cheeky, happy lass and we love her very, very much x