The Gallery: Vintage

Vintage Seaside taken at Capital E, Wellington

We had a bit of mid-winter fun here in New Zealand today. We visited Capital E, where they are holding a ‘Summer Scorcher‘ of entertainment over the two-week winter school holidays. ┬áToday was the first day of inclement weather in Wellington for the holidays, so we timed our visit perfectly. Whilst the rain did its seasonal thing outside, we stayed dry indoors thinking of summer days from a bygone era.

One could almost imagine strolling down the promenade, drinking fresh lemonade, twirling a parasol and smiling at the children’s faces, smeared with ice-cream, waiting for a donkey ride.

We had fun lolling in deck chairs, playing in the sand pits, competing against one another in good ‘ole fashioned games of hoopla and having our photographs taken in an old-fashioned photo-booth.

I took the photograph above, with my girls kindly posing for me, and love the old-fashioned look. I grew up with Grandparents in South Wales and enjoyed frequent visits to the seaside in Penarth. Walking along the victorian pier was always a favourite activity and I have a love affair with victorian promenades. A visit to the seaside in that bygone era, in all the get up of bathing suits and caps, must have been quite an occasion! I adore the scene in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang‘ where they get changed into their bathing suits in a tent on the beach.

The only thing missing from our visit today was a nice vintage wine to calm the nerves from the exhaustion of school holidays (we made do rather nicely with coffee and cake at nearby ‘Clarks Cafe‘ instead)!

Happy holidays!


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