Things I’m Loving: Winter colours, fun with my girls & celebrating!

Loving the colours of the winter sun reflecting on the waves rolling in at Lyall Bay on Wednesday evening…

Lyall Bay winter sun

And this photograph, my oldest daughter – Charlotte – took, of a plane circling into land at Wellington airport. I love the billowing clouds tinged with the pink and purple colours of the setting sun.

Plane coming into land at sundown over Lyall Bay

Love grabbing half an hour of sun before the darkness descends around five o’clock. Charlotte took the photographs below too.

Lyall Bay winter sun by Charlotte

Loving a visit to Carlucciland with my three girls on Tuesday ‘avo.

Carlucciland by Charlotte

Charlotte took more wonderful photographs.

Carlucciland by Charlotte

Also loving the curious world that my children like to explore and experiment with (though there’s often mess and a little danger involved, requiring supervision – from a safe distance!). They brought home a collection of rocks from our trip to Shelly Bay on Monday afternoon (Three sisters, one perfect Monday afternoon & a chocolate fish) and decided to hammer into them to try and find some hidden gems or fossils!

Swapping stones at sunset, chipping them for hidden gems and fire dances

Loving seeing my first born daughter turn nine this week – and I loved picking her up in my arms for a big bear hug and saying, ‘Awww, my little baby!’ – she rolled her eyes with laughter and a touch of embarrassment at her crazy mother (but secretly loved it). She was very touched with the lovely gifts from family and friends (especially the jar of NZ Marmite – Photo Gallery – Hands on a jar of NZ Marmite!). Dan got her a much desired chess board set (and she beat him first game!), as well as a little stereo of her own to groove away to (lucky girl!).

Happy 9th Birthday to Charlotte!

She’d enjoyed a wonderful movie (Brave) and pizza party (Heavens Pizza on Cuba Street) with her friends last weekend. Her friends know her very well – bestowing her with arts and crafts gifts galore! She’ll certainly has plenty to keep her busy over the three week school holidays!

Charlotte's 9th Birthday party

Sophie and Alice had a lovely time too – as did Dan and I. It was the most relaxed children’s Birthday party we’ve ever experienced!

Icecream, pizza, smiles and dancing at Heaven's Pizza

Dan accompanied all the girls into the movie theatre to watch ‘Brave’ – whilst I kept Alice company (she fell asleep in the car on the way into town – and woke in time for pizza and dancing!). I sat reading a book, whilst admiring my toes rocking it in a new pair of lush boots!

New boots!

And I’m loving this impromptu drawing session, by Charlotte and young Alice, on their Daddy! He’s a very good sport – especially considering how extremely ticklish he is on his feet!

Doodling on Daddy

Finishing up with a couple of things that caught my eye this week…

quote by Albert Einstein

And this…

Our Education System


Hope you’ve found something to love this week…

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life,
there is always something you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.