I started writing poetry in 2011, thanks to my oldest daughter’s encouragement. She had enjoyed writing poetry at her school and we decided to set up a weekly theme – to challenge ourselves to write a poem a week throughout 2011. So began ‘Lyrical Sunday’. Poems from 2011

In 2012 we handed over Lyrical Sunday to a friend and wonderful writer, Cyndi of ‘Latte Junkie‘ blog. I continued to write quite frequently. Poems from 2012

In 2013 and 2014 my poetry has tailed off, as we made a huge move from New Zealand to California, USA. I ended up with all three daughters at home full-time, ‘unschooling’. My time for writing became restricted and I was busy just trying to keep up our family journal / blog on all of our adventures!

My friend Cyndi also became busier and so Lyrical Sunday came to a natural close. I discovered another link-up over at ‘Verily, Victoria Vocalises’ called ‘Prose for Thought‘ and linked up there on and off. Poems from 2013 and from 2014.

We have been living back in NZ, since October 2014.

My three daughters have all returned to formal schooling and I have been making the most of free hours in the day to get out and about (before driving around like crazy to get them to all their extra-curricular activities after school and at weekends!).

I’m not writing as much as I used to, but every now and again I feel motivated.

Poems from 2015 

Half way through 2016 I returned to home educating my younger two daughters – poetry is something that happens every now and again, but it therapy to me when I get a chance! Ha!

Poems from 2016

Poems from 2017