UK Visits from 2014 to 2022

July and August 2022

A visit to England with youngest daughter, seeing my Dad and sister, as well as my husband’s family and some of my extended family. We enjoyed a holiday in Cornwall, a visit to London, and spent time in the Peak District and Lanchashire.

A month of sunshine in England, time with family, friends, letting go and accepting change.

Summer holiday in North-East Cornwall (part 1)

North-East Cornwall holiday snapshots (part 2)

Summer visit to London in July

Family, hills and roller-coasters!

September 2021 to January 2022

In the midst of a global panic I made the hardest decision of my life, travelling away from my husband and children in New Zealand to be in the UK with my dying Mum and be there for my dear Dad and sister. At that time I had no knowing of when I’d be able to reenter New Zealand. My husband couldn’t leave his work and my daughters had work and school. I left on a one way ticket, knowing the only way I was going to be permitted to book a return flight was when I had secured a quarantine place in one of the government run facilities in New Zealand – of which were in short supply and the only way to book one was to enter a lottery that was opened one a week for an hour (sometimes only once a fortnight).

In England, where half my heart lives

Autumn and a long kiss goodbye

Rest in Peace my Dear Mum

A different kind of Christmas

Reflecting on winter walks in England, whilst stuck in quarantine in New Zealand

Saying goodbye in our own way

September 2019 and March 2020

A blog post of two short visits that I made, by myself, to see my dear folks in England, with lots of precious family time and lots of National Trust visits.

In December 2018 we landed in England as a family of five, for the first time in four years. It was so exciting to be spending Christmas and New Year in England. It was the first Christmas our three children ever experienced in England, shared with all their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Celebrating Christmas with family in England

In April 2018 I spent a fortnight with my dear folks and sister in England, celebrating my 44th Birthday whilst I was there and even running in the Fleet Hal Marathon! It was so special to see them and I am always grateful for the time I have.

Solo trip to England, April 2018

In April 2017 I travelled by myself to England for a quick 9 day visit, whilst the girls stayed in New Zealand with hubby over the Easter break. I was keen to see my Mum, who’d just celebrated her 70th Birthday, and the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with my folks and sister was a real treat. Here’s the posts from that trip…

A hike in the Peak District National Park, from Edale to Chinley


The day after arriving in the Peak District, at my sister’s house, we set out on a crisp spring morning (a chilly 7°C) with my parents and sister’s partner. We took the train, from Chinley to Edale, so we could hike back across the hills, covering nearly 400(m) of elevation gain in 12km… Continue reading

Peak District loves with my folks in England


The second part of my visit to family in England (part one here) was spent in the Peak District, with my folks, sister and her partner. In a short three day, four night visit we enjoyed an 8 mile hike from Edale to Chinley (blog post here), I ran my first fell run at… Continue reading

A fix of family, English countryside & history in Hampshire


Mid April I took off from Wellington, New Zealand, flying over the great Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean, to visit my folks in England. I was keen to see my Mum, who’d turned seventy on the 2nd April, and to spend some precious time with her, my Dad, sister and partner. I flew solo, for… Continue reading


Alice, our youngest daughter, went on an amazing adventure with her Mummy in September 2016. They travelled all the way to London, England to spend three amazing weeks travelling through England and Wales, visiting family and celebrating the 70th Birthday of Alice’s Grandad and her Aunty Claire’s 40th Birthday. Here are blog posts of the trip…


The past couple of months have literally flown by and before this year comes to an end I really want to share a last few highlights from my special visit to the UK with my youngest daughter, Alice. I made a photograph book for my folks, which my Mum especially treasures, as sadly she has… Continue reading

Loves from ‘The Lake District’



Staying on the shore of Lake Windermere, at the YHA Ambleside, we spent three nights, and a few wonderful days, soaking up the beautiful scenery. We enjoyed hiking the countryside, taking a boat across the lake and visiting Beatrix Potter’s 17th-century farmhouse ‘Hill Top. Our hike took us about 6 miles, from Wray Castle to … Continue reading

Celebrating family in Liverpool



One of the many highlights of my recent trip to the UK was being there to celebrate my Dad’s 70th Birthday and my sister’s 40th Birthday. It was wonderful to not only share an incredible three week trip with my folks and their youngest granddaughter, my daughter Alice, aged 6, but to also celebrate two ‘milestone’ Birthdays! Continue reading

Reaching the summit of Mt. Snowdon, North Wales



In the planning of our visit to the UK we’d set aside ‘Thursday 15th September’ for taking a walk on Snowdon – without setting any expectations about how far we’d walk (since our group of four included my 6 year old daughter, Alice, and we had no idea what the weather Gods would have in… Continue reading

Ludlow to Rhyl, North Wales
September 20, 2016

Ludlow, England


On our drive up to Ludlow, Shropshire, from Hampshire, we stopped in at Berrington Hall, a National Trust Property. My folks are members, of the National Trust UK, and if I lived in the UK I would definitely be joining up too (it would be a dream to work for them!). Growing up in England… Continue reading

A visit to Gloucester Cathedral



Driving up to Ludlow, from Hampshire, we made a stop at the spectacular Gloucester Cathedral. It is steeped in history, having been a place of worship, in some form or another, for close on 1,000 years! Gloucester’s great Cloister, over 650 years old, is famous for its breath-taking fan vaulting, the earliest of its kind… Continue reading

An afternoon in Windsor



Windsor is a short drive from my folks home, in North Hampshire, and a few days after landing in the UK they took us to see Windsor Castle. We didn’t have time to look around the inside of the castle, but young Alice, aged 6, was more than content. She was delighted to have a … Continue reading


Either side of a trip to Copenhagen, accompanying the man of the house on a business trip, we spent time in England and Wales during the months of July and August 2014. Our time was spent catching up with dear family, who we miss terribly as expats. Any time we spend together is extremely precious and the memories we make are what we cherish and hold on to, until the next time.

24 hours in England

A family reunion in North Wales

Exploring Portmeirion Village, North Wales

A coastal run in North Wales

Driving through Wales and a weekend in Cardiff Bay

At home with the folks in Hampshire, England


LA to UK for 4 days, sans children. A once in a decade trip! Part 1

An English Wedding & a reunion of old friends (Part 2 of my trip to the UK)

Away to the Peak District & pause for thought | Part 3