Long haul travel, New Zealand to England, with our 9 month old

When Charlotte was 9 months old we travelled from Wellington, NZ, to London, UK, without a stop-over. We did great and had an amazing time.

UK Trip April 2004


Our reflections through Charlotte’s eyes…

I’m a big traveller now. I flew all the way to England and I’ve been to the big City of London!

I went on holiday to Falmouth, Cornwall with Grandma & Grandad Aspinall, Aunty Claire and of course my Mummy and Daddy!

My Great Grandma comes to visit me and we go to Marwell Zoo.

My Christening

I was Christened on 2 May 2004 and lots of people came to share my special day.

I’m here up north in the land of the Red Rose. Lancashire La La La.