England via San Francisco – July 2007

Choice Pics 2007 – UK & San Francisco Trip

Cabin Baggage: Children

Preparation for a long-haul flight (without children) was all about self-indulgence. A week before travel we’d stock up on my favourite cosmetics, spend a lunch hour in the book store selecting some choice holiday reads (and a few trashy mags) and look forward to a 24-hour reading and movie bonanza with no telephones ringing. […]

One More Sleep To Go!

I should be asleep already, but couldn’t resist one final farewell post before our big trip. Tomorrow night I don’t expect to get any sleep and will then have to function in San Francisco with two tired children, but I’m sure Dan and I will survive. Last time we did the big Wellington […]

Well, we’ve finally arrived in good ‘ole Blighty. It’s so wonderful to be here and so green and beautiful. We’re soaking up the beautiful countryside and I feel very much a tourist in saying it’s all so very ‘quaint’! It’s such a joy to drive through the tunnels of trees on the […]

Winter to Summer

Coming from a NZ winter to a UK summer has totally confused us all! The girls routine is completely out the window and tonight they went to sleep close to 10pm, waiting for it to get dark! This is fine, but if only they’d sleep in till 10am!
The incessant rain that’s […]

Family Gatherings

We travelled to Bristol and back (from Fleet) on Sunday. When the British motorways are flowing they are fantastic. Charlotte and Sophie were in awe of the six lanes of fast-flowing traffic. They also enjoyed a stop-off at a British motorway stop, a little different to New Zealand where we plan our […]

Up North in Blighty

We’re on holiday in good ‘ole Blighty and currently visiting Grandma and Grandad Lee in Colne, Lancashire. We’ve dreamed about visiting our families and seeing England again, but dreaded the thought of travel with two preschoolers. We’re feeling a whole roller-coaster of emotions right now. It’s wonderful to see our family and […]

We’ve enjoyed a magical week in the Lake District. It holds a special charm for young and old alike. As an adult it is wonderful to visit a place that was treasured in my youth as a place of awe inspiring beauty and wonder. It is especially poignant to see my own […]

A Fix of History

We took the girls to Skipton Castle, one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England, for a real taste of history.

Living in New Zealand, but having all our family in the UK, we are always talking to the girls about their British roots. Charlotte, being older, has poured […]

It was a sad farewell to Dan (aka Daddy) last week, but the girls are coping well. We’re really looking forward to seeing him and will be ready to fly home next Friday. They know Aunty Claire is going to help us on the return flight and were confused when she came to stay with […]

I always loved history as a child and it was brilliant to see the awe in my own children’s eyes as we walked the set of a Victorian street at the Milestone’s Museum, in Basingstoke, Hampshire, this week. We are having such a brilliant holiday in the UK and soaking up the history is all […]

We fly home to New Zealand on Friday morning, after nearly two month’s in good ‘ole Blighty with the folks. We can’t wait to get back to Dan (aka Daddy) and our home. Staying on longer as helped me come full circle in the all too expected roller coaster of emotions one feels […]

Home Safe Via Sunny San Francisco

We’ve arrived home, finally! I think the girls tired their hardest to put Aunty Claire off having children for life, but their charm and smiles (in between the occasional tantrum on a ten hour day flight from London to San Francisco) won over her heart in the end. Claire and I really enjoyed […]