2013 Poetry

Poems written in 2013 – from New Zealand and California, USA

A place with no real weather

Lost my happy place

Rain in the black of night

He understands. He loves her. He will stand by her. She loves him.

The Sea Princess & The Pebble Shell Castle

Some sunsets feel too good to see alone

Gliding in the with Fall, Monarch Butterflies

Over the rooftops of San Francisco, in the Fall

The anxiety of separation

Exploring new ground: Labyrinth

Stepping out the door, for the last time

Play [The Photo Gallery]

In Transition

Life’s Flow

The Greenstone that Seeded my Love for New Zealand

After the Longest Night

#Storm13 – when an epic storm hit Wellington, New Zealand in June 2013

Rain to wash the pain away

Lovers Winter Retreat

The Bond

Remember when…

Thank you to my daughters on Mothers Day

The colourful side of Wellington’s wind


The Leaf

The Breathing Lake

A Challenge to Finish…

A grand start to the last year of my thirties

A game of words

Women (imagining my three daughters as women)