We traveled to Singapore in 2002, 2005 and 2015. On the first two occasions, my hubby, Dan, was there for business.

Our most recent visit, in 2015, was a wonderful family holiday. We met up with Dan’s parents (the children’s grandparents), who flew into Singapore from the UK (whilst we flew in from New Zealand)!

I have written a ‘blast from the past’ post on our earlier visits in ‘Singapore Calling!‘. There’s also a little ‘cute’ post written about our second visit, through the eyes of our oldest daughter, who was just 19 months old in 2005 and spent two weeks exploring Singapore with me, whilst Daddy mostly worked!

Here’s the 2015 blog posts…

Magic moments on holiday with Grandparents in Singapore written 30 July, 2015

Water play and keeping cool with children in Singapore written 31 July, 2015

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore written 2 August, 2015

Wishing for heat (reflecting on our boat trip along the Singapore river, post-holiday) written 10 August, 2015

A visit to Singapore Zoo, written September, 2015 (on a ghastly wet and windy weekend in Wellington, when I was wishing for sunshine and warmth!)