Taupo, Rotorua & Tongariro National Park

Located in the centre of the North Island is Lake Taupo, the size of Singapore. Lake Taupo lies in a caldera created by a supervolcanic eruption which occurred approximately 26,500 years ago. According to geological records, the volcano has erupted 28 times in the last 27,000 years.

It is a beautiful spot and within an hour’s drive of the geothermal wonderland of Rotorua and Tongariro National Park, which has been acknowledged by UNESCO as one of the 25 mixed cultural and natural World Heritage Sites.

We have enjoyed numerous holidays and weekend trips to this area. Unfortunately we didn’t start this blog till the birth of our first daughter, Charlotte, in 2003, so we don’t have posts on the 6 year’s or so we spent visiting this area for ski weekends and tramping – but in time I plan to write some more ‘blasts from the past’ posts. We have some fabulous memories!

Anyway, here’s some of our more recent visits with our beautiful children…

February 2020 

A long weekend in Rotorua – where I ran the Tarawera Ultramarathon and my awesome family supported me. We had lots of fun doing other activities, like mountain biking and zip lining too!

September 2015 Family Holiday in Taupo

Road trip from Wellington to Taupo, from beaches & playgrounds to volcanoes and snow.

Family fun at the Prawn Park in Taupo – prawn fishing, eating and adventure trail fun.

A ride on the wild side of the Waikato River! Amazing fun taking a wild jet boat ride to see the Huka Falls.

Rotorua Skyline Gondola & thrills – A fabulous day of adventures, from zip lining and a wild ride on a sky swing to travelling on a scenic gondola and having a blast riding on luge carts!

The smaller moments that add up to make the most memorable and magical moments of a holiday – a visit to a petting farm, time at the local playgrounds and parks, a geothermal walk and impromptu hail storm and more!

October 2008 Road Trip:

Preparing for our October 2008 road trip and revisiting some precious memories.

October 2008 – Part 1 – We had just about recovered from a dose of the flu and took off for a road trip. In this post we take the girls skiing for the first time on Mt Ruapehu.

Part 2 of our October 2008 road trip – we stayed in Taupo and enjoyed a visit to Rotorua’s Skyline for some luge action, went swimming lots, ate lots – particularly enjoyed the prawns at Taupo’s prawn park and enjoyed the marvellous scenery of Lake Taupo.

The final part of our October road trip, where we travel home to Wellington, via a stop off in Napier, on the East coast.

February 2008 – A Week in Taupo:

Wellington to Taupo – An amazing scenic flight
My daughters and I took the easy option and flew up, whilst hubbie drove with a car heavily packed to the rafters. We were excited to be meeting up with Grandma and Grandad, who’d flown all the way from the UK!

A special first in Taupo
Our first day in Taupo was pretty special. The girls were so excited to see their Grandma and Grandad and gave beautiful, heart-warming, unprompted hugs. We spent a lovely morning at the delightfully quaint Lilliput Fun and Animal Park, where the girls tried pony riding for the first time!

A wild way to get a fix
After an afternoon exploring some geothermal wonders at Craters of the Moon we caught some crazy kayakers in action taking on Huka Falls!

Sailing on Lake Taupo

Orakei Korako Geyserland

All in a morning at Taupo
From experiencing a simulation of the Edgecumbe Earthquake at the Volcanic Activity Centre …
and watching the awesome power of water flooding through the Aratiatia Rapids…
to learning how honey is made at ‘The Honey Hive’ and sampling locally farmed prawns at the Huka Prawn Park for lunch.

Garden tranquility
We spent a wonderful hour (or so!) getting lost in the Taupo Botanical Gardens whilst on holiday. The gardens consist of winding pathways; twisting and turning in such rapidity that orientation skills are seriously put to the test!

Grandma and Grandad were incredible walking the amazing Tongariro Crossing

September 2006

Blowing off some steam in Taupo
Dan writes about a charity golf classic he went to in Taupo, and of course us girls simply had to tag along!

April 2006

Some beautiful vistas from Taupo
We enjoyed a fabulous pre-Easter break when Sophie was just four months old.

Sophie reports on her first real holiday.