Birth Stories


Welcome to the world Alice!
A natural birth – third time lucky!


Welcome to the world Sophie!
VBAC – episiotomy & forceps delivery

the new family

Welcome to the world Charlotte!
Hoped for home-birth ended in transfer to hospital and emergency cesarean.


Dear morning… on a school day, 5 April 2016


It’s the little moments of parenting, that make it worthwhile, January, 2014

Becoming the Mama I Want to Be – Growing Nature Lovers, March, 2013

Becoming the Mama I Want to Be – Keeping Everyone Moving!, February, 2013

Falling in love with the same person again, and again, and again…
Keeping the love alive in marriage with children, February, 2013

Being strong is hard, September, 2012

I’ve received an invitation to ‘latch on’ – do I go? World Breastfeeding Week August, 2012

Between – a poem June, 2012

Notes from our Home School Journal June, 2012

Inspire, Smell, Do Everyday, Favourite Word May, 2012

Week in the Life | Friday April, 2012

Notes from our Unschooling Diary March, 2012

22 things I have done since becoming a parent October, 2011

What do my children’s friends think of me?! August, 2011

A mother knows, back to school blues – a poem, May, 2011

Here come the girls – loving the path we choose and being proud of the choices we make, October, 2010

Ten reasons I LOVE my job, September, 2010

Tribal Wives Wellington, New Zealand, September, 2010

Dear Mummy… an imagined letter from my children to me, August, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week, August, 2010

She who trusts, June, 2010

Sack of potatoes: A father’s love, May, 2010

Father's Love 2010

11 week’s ago today… July, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle in the Night, January 19, 2009

Eyes as fresh as a new dawn, January 16, 2009


Random Happiness, September, 2008

Thank ‘G’ it’s the end of term, December, 2008

Amazing Mothers, May, 2008

A little bench where I like to sit, March, 2008

Two toddlers 2007

Unremarkable? September, 2007

Extended Breastfeeding, June, 2007

Are We Ever Good Enough? Mothers. May, 2007

To my big Kindi girl, Charlotte, May, 2007

‘Me-Time’: Bringing out the Best, February, 2007

The Holiday is Over, January, 2007

2007 – A Year to Dream, January, 2007

Charlotte & Sophie 2005

This time last year… December, 2006

Expat Forever? November 15, 2006

Four Months and I’m in Love, May, 2006

Mothers Day, May, 2006