So where exactly is “home”?

Hi. It’s Dan here. I’m now back in Wellington, NZ, whilst Sarah, Sophie and Charli are still sunning it up in the England for another couple of weeks.

I’ve had a brilliant trip back “home”, as you’ve probably seen through the last few posts on Chez Lee. England is a beautiful place, steeped in centuries of wonderful history, and drowned in endless amounts of those wonderful things called Pubs.

My last week at “home” involved visiting Wellington Country Park, The LookOut Discovery Centre and Marwell Zoo.

Charlotte, as ever, loved the outdoor playgrounds, climbing to superlative heights and creating worried stares from other parent onlookers. And of course, given that Marwell and the country park had choo choo trains the rides were mandatory. I love it really.

Unfortunately, some of us have to earn, whilst the others burn, so I find myself a bachelor boy here in NZ for a couple of weeks. To be honest I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s as good as the first time I’ve been home alone for four odd years, and I’m missing my girls terribly. Fortunately with Skype video conferencing I can see them every day (and I guess they can keep a check on me too!)

Coming “home” to Wellington is always a little surreal after visiting “home”. It’s a stunningly beautiful place, but so is England, but in other ways. Each trip back makes you appreciate the little things more and more. The quaint public houses, the castles, the tree covered country lanes, drystone walls to name but a few. We should count ourselves lucky that we are in a position where we can take advantage of the best that both the UK and NZ have to offer.