The colourful side of the wind in Wellington

When the wind whistles through dear Wellington
there’s a place to be, where the wind is God.
it turns wind to song, when birds don’t feel strong,
and planes fly with daring, nose to the wind.

Meridian Wind Sculpture Walkway, Wellington - wind socks

Wind lights rainbows of engineering
the stronger it blows, brighter the colours glow.
The forests that strain, under windswept weight,
are symbolised here in blocks of colour.

Meridian Wind Sculpture Walkway, Wellington

My heart takes off on every gust that strikes,
feet struggle to stay firm, compass seeking.
Towering above me, it soars, looming,
sharply defined, pointed, bright and warning.

Meridian Wind Sculpture Walk, Wellington, towering

Colours work to defeat the pounding wind,
daring me to rise above melancholy.
This time of year toys with my mind, but here
on this walkway, Wellington glows and sings.

© Sarah Lee, 10 May, 2013

Colours of Wellington's wind poem


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