Poems 2013

A sunset that needed to be shared

In Transition

Life’s Flow

The Greenstone that Seeded my Love for New Zealand

After the Longest Night

#Storm13 – when an epic storm hit Wellington, New Zealand in June 2013

Rain to wash the pain away

Lovers Winter Retreat

The Bond

Remember when…

Thank you to my daughters on Mothers Day

The colourful side of Wellington’s wind


The Leaf

The Breathing Lake

A Challenge to Finish…

A grand start to the last year of my thirties

A game of words

Women (imagining my three daughters as women)

Poems from 2012

Two feet at two


Old friends are like gold

Poetry to see in the light – thank goodness for Daylight Saving

Rainbows of spring

A Special Father’s Day in NZ

Play with me!

Gateway to the Outdoors


A smoke etched face


Hands on a jar of ‘black gold’ (Kiwi Marmite after the Christchurch earthquake)

Only – Wellington



Purpose - A Kiss with Purpose



Book Spine Poetry

Run: From Empty to Free!

Wild at Heart

A Poem for Mothering Sunday (UK)

Acorn Collecting

Salt Kisses Of Autumn Winds

The Pull Of The Equinox





Creative themes and poems from 2011

Week 1: Christmas

Week 2: Holiday

Week 3: Flowers

Week 4: Bags

Week 5: Monsters

Week 6: Birds

Week 7: Love

Week 8: Under the Ocean

Week 9: Night

Week 10: Earth

Week 11: Colour

Week 12: My Home Town

Week 13: Upside Down

Week 14: Weather

Week 15: Animals (focus on ‘Insects’ from Charlotte)

Week 16: Easter

Week 17: Romance

Week 18: Mothers

Week 19: Full Moon

Week 20: Haiku Poems

Week 21: Art Poems

Week 22: Tongue Twisters

Week 23: Solstice

Week 24: Dance

Week 25: Musical Instruments

Week 26: Adventure

Week 27: ‘B’ Poems

Week 28: Diamantes

Week 29: Happy Feet

Week 30: Underground

Week 31: Shapes

Week 32: Energy

Week 33: Life

Week 34: Air

Week 35: Fire

Week 36: Water

Week 37: Feet

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    Theme for Week 8 of Lyrical Sunday is ‘Under the Ocean’. Link up on Sunday 20 February.