Airport Fun

Charlotte (Age 3) reports:

Daddy had to Christchurch for the day on business so we dropped him off at the airport (Mummy said it was to see the airplanes, but we know it was an excuse for a latte). We sat at the window watching the planes, drinking our fluffies and listening to Mummy trying to educate us aeronautics (which we all know is truly Daddy’s department!). When it became apparent to Mummy that we weren’t listening (Sophie was screaming ‘Wow’ every time an airplane moved a millimetre and I was shouting, ‘I love you Daddy’ at the top of my lungs) she started making us paper airplanes.

We left with a couple of purchases (Sophie nearly walked off with the entire chocolate selection) and headed for a local playground (in Strathmore) with a great new helicopter climbing frame.

Sophie decided wheels on the ground were her preferred mode of transport.

Not content with just one playground we stopped off at Breaker Bay playground for some more climbing fun before heading home.

It’s a shame airplanes don’t have playgrounds on them – but I’m sure Sophie and I will manage to find something to climb on during our looonnng flight from NZ to the UK in July!