Getting Ready to Party!

We’re counting down to Charlotte’s 4th Birthday party and over the weekend we started creating some ‘enclosures’ for our Zoo Party (but they might come in handy to contain the multitude of guests Charlotte is inviting!).

Fortunately we had a few large boxes left over from our house move last year so we’re going crazy with a nocturnal house, a polar box enclosure, an African enclosure, a Zoo train and Dan’s special project – a ‘hide’. If today’s wet and wild weather continues throughout the week the boxes should be thoroughly covered with decorations by party time on Sunday!

Sophie turns 18 month’s of age on the 26 June and she is definitely read to party!

Of course Charlotte’s actual Birthday is on Thursday, so I have presents to wrap and a little cake to make, as well as the usual piles of neglected ironing and dirty bathrooms to attend to. But all the Birthday celebrations are an absolute joy and a very pleasant distraction from thinking about packing for our two month trip to England (we depart 9 July!).

Sophie is busy focusing on ‘what to wear’ to the party and Charlotte’s busy coordinating everything and can frequently be seen walking around the home with a back-pack for another adventure. Charlotte loves to fill her back-pack with an assortment of toys from my organised boxes and then it’s always a mission to return the items to the right homes before bed-time. I don’t need exercise in this house – I just walk around it thousands of times putting toys, clothes, food, nappies, pens, pegs etc. in their respective homes, over and over again!

Sophie at one of Te Papa’s Discovery Centres: